Other non-current financial assets

in CHF 000   2021   2020
Other investments   37 528   32 866
Non-current loans to third parties   551   456
Non-current loans to associates / joint ventures / related parties   153 773   305
Other non-current financial assets   1 647   2 336
Total   193 498   35 963

Other non-current financial assets increased by CHF 157.5 million to CHF 193.5 million. The increase is attributable in particular to the interest-bearing loans issued by TX Group AG to General Atlantic SC B.V. in the amount of CHF 137.4 million and SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG in the amount of CHF 15.2 million. The loan to General Atlantic SC B.V. is secured with the 10 per cent share package sold. In the reporting year, investments were made in relation to both new (such as PriceHubble AG, Backbone Art SA or Helvengo AG) and existing other investments (such as Switzerlend AG and neon Switzerland AG). The investments in neon Switzerland AG increased the TX Group AG share to 21.7 per cent, with this now being recorded as an associated company. In the reporting year, positive changes were made to measurements associated with MoneyPark AG and firstbird AG, which were recorded in the statement of comprehensive income.

Details on the fair values of financial assets are given in Note 36. Details on pledges of other financial assets can be found in Note 37.