Key financial information from reporting year 2021

As a result of the 100 per cent stake in TX Markets AG (without the investment in JobCloud AG) being integrated into the new SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG joint venture with Ringier and Die Mobiliar, TX Markets and its investments left the group of consolidated companies as of the closing in November 2021. This involves the 50 per cent stake in CAR FOR YOU AG and the 100 per cent stakes in S.A., Ricardo AG, ricardo France Sarl., TX Markets GmbH, which was newly founded in 2021, and & Publimmo Sàrl, which was acquired in July 2021. Following the deconsolidation of TX Markets, assets of CHF 482.4 million (of which CHF 12.4 million were cash and cash equivalents), liabilities of CHF 158.0 million and shares in non-controlling interests in equity of CHF –4.2 million were transferred. The market value of the TX Group shares in the joint company is CHF 1,107 million (41 per cent). The difference between the market value and the transferred equity of CHF 778.5 million was reflected in the income statement through the financial result. The subsequent sale of 10 per cent of the shares in the new joint venture to General Atlantic SC B.V. at the market value of CHF 270.0 million had no impact on the income statement. Following the sale to General Atlantic SC B.V., the TX Group holds 31 per cent in the joint venture, which was recognised at CHF 837.0 million as an associated company upon the merger taking place.