Deferred revenues and accrued liabilities

in CHF 000   2021   2020
Deferred subscription revenues   146 325   155 842
Deferred online revenues   64 124   57 324
Deferred revenues from commercialisation and intermediation activities   25 484   32 160
Deferred personnel expenses   32 153   23 287
Other accrued liabilities   71 510   60 280
Total   339 596   328 894
of which deferred revenues from contracts with customers   235 933   245 326
of which other accrued liabilities   103 662   83 568

Deferred revenues and accrued liabilities (total contains accrued liabilities from contracts with customers and other accrued liabilities) increased by CHF 10.7 million from CHF 328.9 million to CHF 339.6 million. Changes to the group of consolidated companies result in a decrease of around CHF 6.0 million. Total deferred revenue declined by CHF 9.4 million. By contrast, accruals relating to personnel increased by CHF 8.9 million to CHF 32.2 million, mainly due to the higher accruals for employee performance bonuses. The increase in other deferred revenues and accrued liabilities is primarily due to television channel shares not yet invoiced within the sub-group Goldbach.

The revenues recognised in the reporting period and which were included in the balance of the contractual liabilities at the start of the period amount to CHF 194.7 million (previous year: CHF 201.3 million). There are no material revenues recognised in the reporting period from performance obligations which had been fulfilled either in full or in part during earlier periods (e.g. subsequent purchase price adjustments).