Personnel expenses

in CHF 000   2020   2019
Salaries and wages   343 498   372 755
Social security   63 577   63 772
Employee benefit expense 1   20 487   4 820
Other personnel expense   14 844   17 121
Total   442 406   458 468
1 The expense reported for IAS 19 includes the positions Current employer service costs, Effect of plan curtailments/settlements, Past service cost, Administration costs excl. Employer contributions (recognised under Social security) as set out in Note 20. The impact from interest payable and the anticipated returns on plan assets is recognised under Net financial result (loss).

Personnel expenses fell by CHF 16.1 million, compared with the previous year, to CHF 442.4 million. Around CHF 5.4 million of this can be attributed to a change to the group of consolidated companies. TX Group claimed CHF 21.2 million compensation for short-time work in the reporting year. Again due to reduced working hours, the welfare fund also contributed CHF 4.4 million to make up for shortfalls for employees. Another reason for the reduction was the fact that profit share payments for management and employees were CHF 7.8 million lower. Provisions in the amount of CHF 2.3 million were recorded for the social plan in relation to the restructuring of central services announced in June. Employee benefit expense as per IAS 19 increased by CHF 15.7 million compared with the previous year. Besides the increase in the current employee service cost, this is attributable in particular to provisions made for the TX Group welfare fund covering the costs of funding the above shortfalls for employees in the amount of CHF 4.4 million and for expected social plan benefits to the value of CHF 5.8 million. Disregarding one-off effects and the change to the group of consolidated companies, current personnel expenses were up by around CHF 4.5 million compared with the previous year. External salaries are now shown as services under the “costs of materials and services” item. The values for the previous year were adjusted accordingly.

The restructuring of TX Group as of 1 January 2020 also involved an adjustment to the employee profit participation programme. The purpose of the profit participation programme is to encourage employees to participate in the business performance of the TX Group and that of the individual companies TX Markets, 20 Minuten, Goldbach and Tamedia. Group & Ventures employees participate in the business performance of the Group based on the consolidated net income for the respective reporting year, without taking into account the effects of IAS 19. Compensation for employees at the companies is based on consolidated EBIT for the company concerned.

Number of employees
Number   2020   2019
As of 31 December   3 557   3 669
Average   3 632   3 662

The number of employees (converted to full-time equivalents) shrank by 112 FTEs or 3.1 per cent from 3,669 to 3,557 FTEs by year end. The average number of employees for the year was 3,632, which represents a decrease of 30 FTEs or 0.8 per cent on the previous year.