Other non-current financial assets

in CHF 000   2020   2019
Other investments   32 866   22 842
Non-current loans to third parties   456   457
Non-current loans to associates / joint ventures / related parties   305  
Other non-current financial assets   2 336   3 489
Total   35 963   26 789

Other non-current financial assets increased by CHF 9.2 million to CHF 36.0 million, mainly as a result of the investments made in 2020 and fair value adjustments associated with other investments. In 2020, TX Group AG made further investments in the amount of CHF 1.9 million in neon Switzerland AG and acquired 11.7 per cent of the shares in Switzerlend AG for CHF 4.0 million. Their business involves the offering, structuring and conversion of loans via a platform for matching borrowers and lenders. In December 2020, TX Group AG also took an 11.0 per cent share in Selma Finance Oy, Helsinki (investment of CHF 1.6 million). In the reporting year, positive changes were made to measurements associated with MoneyPark AG and neon Switzerland AG, which were recorded in the statement of comprehensive income.

Non-current loan receivables and other non-current financial assets have only changed slightly compared with the previous year. The investment in the fintech start-up Lykke Corp. is still regarded as a non-current financial asset (the investment in Lykke Coins was made in 2018 and can be converted at any time into a fixed number of shares in Lykke Corp.). The TX Group measures Lykke Coins at fair value and records gains – net after taxes – in the statement of comprehensive income. A negative change in the measurement of the asset amounting to CHF 0.5 million was made in 2020 (previous year: CHF 1.5 million).

Details on the fair values of financial assets are given in Note 35. Details on pledges of other financial assets can be found in Note 36.