As of 1 January 2020, the internal and external classification of revenues across 7 categories has been harmonised. On the basis of a further analysis of revenues, there was an adjustment from 1 January 2021 to the allocation of individual transactions to revenue categories with the aim of harmonising external reporting with the internal view used for management purposes. The previous year was adjusted accordingly. Restatement of the disclosures of the revenues for 2020 only involves a transfer within revenue categories and has no other effect on the consolidated income statement or on other elements of financial reporting. The following effects were taken into account in the restatement:

  • The sale of classified advertising in the publishing area is now reported as revenue from classifieds & services (previously advertising revenue). The reclassification for the first half of 2020 amounts to CHF 16.2 million.

  • Revenues from logistic operations were reported under other operating revenue in the previous year and will be disclosed from 1 January 2021 under revenues from print and logistic operations (revenue category was renamed from print revenue to revenue from print and logistic operations). The reclassification for the first half of 2020 amounts to CHF 6.1 million.

The individual revenue categories are now disclosed in detail in segment reporting.

For the first time, with the interim financial statements for 2021, consolidated cash flows are being determined and disclosed using the indirect method. The indirect method is the preferred method under the accounting standard (IAS 7.19), is widely used and shows changes in net working capital. The previous year’s disclosures were adjusted accordingly.